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Learn more about our processes today. Our attentive team would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Phase 1: Design Development

Let's Meet

Before any design begins, we take the time to learn about you, your lifestyle, and your needs for your space. Working with you, we'll discuss how the room functions now as well as your plans for the future, determining your style likes and dislikes. We'll review appliances that will accompany the cabinetry as well as wood species, design, and layout. Every detail will be considered, from door styles and moldings to finish and hardware.

Kitchen Storage

3D Rendering and Detailed Proposal

Within two weeks of the initial meeting, your designer will create a preliminary architectural plan. This 3D rendering of the floor plan will illustrate the cabinet layout and elevations. Details such as doors, drawers, hinges and other hardware will also be addressed, along with their associated costs. We will review the design and the pricing with you and answer any questions you have.

Moving Forward

In this final step, a retainer is required. You will meet again with your designer and finalize the drawings, and we will take measurements at your home. Once you sign off on the final drawings, you will move on to the next phase.

Blue Galley Kitchen

Phase 2: Fabrication

By developing a clearly defined procedure, we are able to make the process of creating your cabinetry as enjoyable and trouble-free as possible. Organization is the key to a smooth operation, and we take each project very seriously.

Shop Process

Completed and approved drawings are released to the shop for fabrication. The heads of each department meet with the designers to review the project and ensure that all areas are to our high standards. Hardwood is milled to create face frames, doors, drawer fronts, and panels. High-quality, premium grade prefinished maple plywood is cut for cabinet boxes.

Assembly will then begin for face frames, doors, drawer fronts, and boxes. They will all be hand-sanded and rubbed for a smooth protective surface. Wood that is to be painted will be primed, and face frames are attached to the boxes and moved to the staging area.

To ensure a smooth installation, your entire kitchen is set up in our staging area. Floor units are set, wall units are hung, and doors and drawers are fitted to openings and hinged in place. Slides, drawers, and specialty interiors are installed. As part of our strict quality control, all work is thoroughly inspected before it is delivered.

Phase 3: Delivery and Installation

After we receive your signed final drawings, we will contact you by phone to confirm that site conditions are met. (Windows, drywall, and floors must be complete, and the project site must have a balanced climate.) When we have received confirmation of those conditions, your cabinets can be delivered.

One to three days after delivery, cabinet installation will begin. For kitchens, installations typically take five to seven days to complete. After the bases are installed, the kitchen is ready for the countertop template. (If your kitchen includes a range, sink, or faucet, your countertop installer will need to be on site to create the template.)

Newly Installed Kitchen

After the template is complete, JEM installers will proceed with installation of the upper cabinets, which will require two or three more days. Please note that if the upper cabinets rest on the countertop, their installation will need to wait until the countertops are installed.

Appliances can be delivered anytime within the installation period. While JEM does not install appliances, we will adjust and install any panels that are required.